Dr. Donald May for U.S. House

Bold Conservative Leadership for West Texas

America’s best days are always before us
when We the People stand up to fight for
those values that built our great nation.

We know Congress is broken. Dr. May is the one man who is conservative and courageous enough to fix it. He will advocate to close our borders and control immigration. He believes in defeating terrorists where they live and will fight the cowards who place political correctness over national security. These days, it seems Republicans in Washington are as liberal as the Democrats. An Air Force Veteran and lifetime NRA Member, Dr. May is known as “Mr. Conservative.” He has long fought to secure our borders and end amnesty by taking on the political establishment. He knows our diminished national security must be restored- especially our military preparedness and superiority. We need “Mr. Conservative” Dr. Donald May in Congress.

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My National Security Priorities

Our National Security

Dr. Donald May is the only candidate who served both on active military duty and as a consulting surgeon in Veterans Administration medical centers. He understands the importance of rapidly restoring our military strength,
fully securing our border, and providing excellent and efficient health care to our Veterans.

Dr. may understands the necessity and importance of aggressively fighting Islamic Terrorism and of keeping refugees and other immigrants who cannot have their backgrounds adequately checked out of our country. Refugees need to be safely and humanely housed near their homeland so they can one day return to their homes.

Dr. May understands the importance of our Veterans having immediate access to top quality health care at our Veterans Administration medical centers. He understands the importance of fixing the Veterans Administration by getting the bureaucrats and unions out of the way, since they are often the problems and usually not the solutions.

Our Border Security and Immigration

A native Texan, Donald May has seen the effects of the ongoing immigration crisis. Criminal trafficking and illegal immigration are prominent issues that have exploded since President Obama took office. Donald May supports and will vote for legislation that will truly secure our country’s borders. An increase of immigrant screening with a combination of federal, state, and local police agencies will bring safety to our cities.

Our Government Accountability

Donald is a firm advocate of upholding constitutional rights. He supports the prevention of federal drones being used on U.S. citizens and is against the federal government bulk monitoring of phone records. Donald will vote for legislation that brings down big government.

Our National Debt

The national debt has spiraled out of control causing an outrageous growth in the size of our federal government. While he opposes the growth of the federal government, he supports the progression of Obamacare has destroyed our Liberty and greatly increased the cost of our healthcare. He will continually vote against raising the debt ceiling and support legislation that promotes the growth of jobs for Americans.

Our Healthcare

The defunding of Obamacare is crucial to the wellbeing of our nation. Implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act created millions of layoffs and has caused more harm than good for the American people. A more personal and affordable healthcare plan is what the U.S. needs. Donald May is the only candidate in the race with decades of experience in Healthcare; his expertise opinion on medical welfare plans is crucial to abolishing Obamacare.

Our Taxes

Donald May will vote against tax increases and in doing so will bring back economic development. The U.S. needs a plan that will spur economic growth and job creation. Taxes should also be simplified, getting rid of complex tax requirements, credits, and loopholes.

Our Energy Production

Oil, natural gas, coal, and electricity production are foundational to our national security and future prosperity. The U.S. offers a plethora of natural resources that when regulated safely, will created numerous job opportunities.

Our Education

Local school districts and parents should be empowered and held accountable for their own standards. Decisions regarding a child’s future should be put in the hands closest to the students, not federal bureaucrats.

I Am Uniquely Qualified

I will represent you by actively addressing the problems that threaten our nation.

I will bring West Texas values and common sense to Washington. I will speak from the floor of the House as often as possible. I will update you and the news media every day. I will spend my time in Washington doing important work and not seeking to be important.

I will write bills of a few pages in length intended to incrementally take apart ObamaCare, the EPA, the IRS, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, and the bloated welfare system. This money and power must be returned to the people and to the individual states where the Tenth Amendment tells us it belongs in the first place.